CeeLo Green Makes Play For Beyonce in 'Jay Z's Girl' [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

CeeLo Green is on some weird troll shit.

First he faked getting taken out by an exploding cellphone. Then he showed up to the Grammys dressed as a Ferrero Roche candy.

Today, it's the song and visuals for 'Jay Z's Girl', which is a Weird Al-esque remake of Rick Springfield's 80s classic 'Jessie's Girl', with Beyonce as the object of affection.

'Jay-Z's Girl' is CeeLo's new alter ego Gnarly Davidson's second song, following Fuck Me, I'm Famous.

Yup, the guy who was accused of drugging and raping a woman (and pleaded no contest to furnishing the woman with ecstasy) dropped a song called Fuck Me, I'm Famous.

Will see if this all works.

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