Cavs Explanation For Love/Irving Blunt Smoking Celebration Is Ridiculous

By HHL Editors

The super Cavs are starting to get it together. On Monday night they defeated the Pelicans 118-111 and after the game Kyrie Irving, who is rumored to be dissatisfied with his famous new teammates, shared a special victory handshake with one those big new stars, Kevin Love.

As you can see, their coordinated gesture ended with the pair smoking imaginary blunts. Or you can decide not to trust your eyes and rely on the Cleveland Cavaliers PR department's take on the celebration:

"To clarify, they are quickly sharpening the end of an imaginary mustache at the end of their exchange with each other. It has nothing to do with smoking a joint as some blogs (and even some mainstream folks now) are suggesting/reporting."
Flacks gotta flack, but that is some pretty weak sauce. Well, at least it's Movember.

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