Casanova Turns Himself In For Assault; 50 Cent Exposes Victim As Possible Liar

By Daryl Nelson

Casanova turned himself in to police today after he and his crew were accused of roughing up a woman and taking her cell phone.

As we previously reported, the alleged incident took place inside a New York City diner, where the accuser Niya Rucker said she was taking photos of her meal. That's when she claims Cas and two others approached because they thought she was taking photos of them.

Rucker said she was choked and punched and received a broken jaw, a loose tooth, and stitches. 

50 Cent believes Rucker is lying about the whole thing, and he released audio of a phone conversation she had with another woman. During that call, you can hear a voice that 50 said is Rucker's denying that Casanova ever touched her.

👀See why you can’t believe everything you hear, shorty say Casanova didn’t touch her. 🍾#lecheminduroi

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"He deleted a lot of footage," a voice can be heard saying. "He got my footage." 

"But he didn't hit you, though?" the other woman asked. 

"Nobody hit me ... This is not against him (Casanova) per se. It's against the fucking rest of them, because none of these niggas did shit while this whole shit was going down."  

Do you think 50 solved this whole thing or no? 

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