Casanova Said He's Figured Tekas$hi 69 Out And Won't Harm Him

By Daryl Nelson

Casanova and Tekashi 6ix9ine have been beefing for quite some time now, but Cas said he understands the "Gummo" rapper a little better these days. In a recent interview, Casanova said he realized that Tekashi was just trolling people like a lot of kids do these days, and he won't let any insults force him to do something illegal.

"Even with Tekashi, I didn't give him enough energy or words out of my mouth to even disrespect me," he stated. "Even on The Breakfast Club he said 'Planet of the Ape nigga' ... Even after that interview it taught me something about him. His man was speaking and his man said he's doing what every other young nigga is doing, and when you look it like that .... he made it work. No matter if you mad at him, just stay the fuck away from him. I'm not going to jail."

Do you agree with Cas? Is Tekashi smart or foolish for making the trolling thing work for him? You can hear him talk about their beef below at the 106:00 mark.


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