Report: Carmelo Anthony Furious At Chris Rock For Hitting On La La Anthony

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Chris Rock's marriage is famously over. Carmelo Anthony's marriage to La La Anthony is famously on the rocks.

Now Melo is allegedly furious at Rock for comments he made about the Knicks star's still-wife.

It happened on the Wendy Williams Show when Williams asked Rock if he was friends with Melo and La La. He said he was "friendly" and added some provocative words.

"If La La is interested in going short next time,' Chris joked. 'La La is bad, woo! Hey, they're married; you're not supposed to mess with other team's players. But she's hot though!' 'She looked great the other night,' Chris continued, speaking about a photo of La La at the Met Gala in New York City. 'La La will you? La La let's go to 'La La Land!''
An angry Melo reacted by getting their mutual friend Spike Lee involved.

'He was really upset,' a source close to the player told 'He sent a text to several of his friends asking "Did y'all see this bulls**t? This n**** on TV trying to scoop up my wife." 'He then called famed film director Spike Lee to tell him to tell Chris to back off before it became a problem,' the source added.
On the other hand, The Daily Mail's sources tell them that La La was flattered by Rock's comments and that her friends want her to pursue it.

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