Carlos Boozer Explains That Time His Head Was Painted Black

By HHL Editors

Carlos Boozer has had himself a pretty good basketball career. Both at Duke and on various teams in the NBA.

But the then-Bull may be best remember for a disastrous hair day he had in 2012, when he showed up for a nationally televised game with what looked like shoe polish on his head.

Boozer, who had been bald the previous season, explained what happened on the always entertaining Highly Questionable. (The interview is good, but skip to the 3:30 mark for hair-gate.)

They came out with this -- it's like hair dye, whatever, for men called Bigen ... So I tried it, and it made myself look like I got shoe polish up there," Boozer explains.

He also said that he tried his best to shampoo it out before the game, but to no avail.

Anyway, it's about what you suspected had happened on that fateful night. But at least he has a sense of humor about it. (He also says a lot of the guys in the NBA resort to such hair shenanigans, but wouldn't mention any names.)

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