Cardi B Comes Clean On Ghostwriter Accusations in New Interview

By Daryl Nelson

Last month, there was footage of a rapper named Pardison Fontaine reciting the lyrics to Cardi B's single "Be Careful," and some thought Cardi either stole the song from him or used him as a ghostwriter.

On Tuesday, during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Cardi explained that Pardison doesn't actually write her songs but helps out. She also said her label Atlantic Records signed him.

"Pardison is not a ghostwriter, he's a co-writer," she said. "I credit him in all the songs that he been in ... I'm putting my people on, you know what I'm saying?" Atlantic noticed his working skills, they notice his music, they signed him too."

Later in the interview, the Invasion of Privacy spitter said she still likes making music, but some of the pressure to deliver a hit song has taken some of the enjoyment away.

"I enjoy doing music," Cardi explained "Lately it's been a little so-so. I feel like people have made it something that's so hard to enjoy. People have made it for me like it's a job ... People want to put me to these standards that I never asked for ... I never called myself the greatest lyrical person ... People just expect so much from me."

Why do you think people seem okay these days with rappers using co-writers or ghostwriters? 

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