Cardi B Is Going To Lose Money On Coachella


Cardi B is going to be a part of a typically stacked Coachella lineup. But she won't be headlining, like Eminem, The Weeknd and Beyonce will be this coming weekend and the weekend after

Instead, she'll play the 6 PM Sunday slot on the main stage, for which she'll be paid $70 grand. (140K if you count both shows.)

Cardi signed the contract before she blew up.  In an interview with SiriusXM’s Hip Hop Nation, she revealed that she will actually lose 140 grand on the festival because she's going big with her stage show.

"I didn't know that Coachella was such a big deal," Cardi said. "I did not know it was a lot of people. We booked Coachella like six months ago, seven months ago. I'm getting paid by Coachella like 70 bandos a day .. I have to invest so much money on my stage set. My own money. I got to go to Wells Fargo and write a check. It's crazy, like almost $300,000. It's like an investment."

May we have your attention, please?

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