Cardi B Goes Nuts & Threatens Rival's Parents


Carid B is mad as hell and isn't going to take it anymore.

What she's mad about and who she's furious at is unclear. But that person's parents better watch out.

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Don't fuckin sub be or try to fake threat me cause you know i will eat you nikkas the fuck alive ..Ooo and i know how to find your parents .Dont get your parents touched. Its only so much i can do for people ,sorry that you think i ain't do enough but SUCK DICK for thinking i didn't do shit!! If you fuck with the opps or even try ! Stay on that side .Consider me a enemy!" Cardi says in a series of messages.

Judging by the family threats it would seem Cardi's going off on somebody she knows from her old neighborhood.

But because we are obligated to do everything in our powers to get Cardi and Nicki cat-fighting, Ms. Minaj did Tweet this out yesterday:

What's eating Cardi B? You would think a number one hit, an engagement, and a couple of Grammy noms would calm the Bronx out of her.

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