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Cardi B Blasts Those Who Keep Bringing Up Her Stripper Past [VIDEO]

By Daryl Nelson

People aren't taking Cardi B serious as a rapper, and she's sick of it. To fight back, she posted a video and blasted those who've clowned her stripper past.

"A lot of ya'll men, I be getting a lot of backlashes and fucked up backlashes, and it be from ya'll niggas, especially because I used to be a stripper," she said. "Okay, I used to be a stripper. I needed a job that's gonna feed me. Your fucking favorite rapper used to work in places like McDonald's, my nigga. At least everything I rap about is real life shit. I always been a staticky bitch, and I always been a bitch that got it popping."
Earlier this week, the Love & Hip-Hop star snagged two BET Award nominations for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and Best New Artist, so shouldn't she be in a better mood and not care what others say?

You can watch Cardi's full rant below.

#CardiB wants some of y'all to put some respect on her name and stop taking about her past as a stripper.

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