Cardi B And Offset Push Back On Rumors He Cheated With Stripper


We know Offset has cheated on Cardi B in the past.

But would he do it now that they are engaged to be married and she's about to have his baby?

Earlier this week, a well-circulated Tweet linked Offset to a "stripper/bartender" named Jade.


"Offset now cheating on Cardi B with this bartender/stripper named Jade..Offset the MVP ..fuks bad bitches, then comes home to cardi b," read the tweet.

Offset dismissed the allegations on Twitter.

So did Cardi.

"People will believe the lie cause it’s more entertaining then the truth 🤷🏽‍♀️Goodnight", Cardi wrote before going to sleep.

Do you see Offset as becoming the faithful type?

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