Cam'ron Wasn't Paid Much For 'Paid In Full'

By HHL Editors

Cam'ron's Rico character may be the highlight of the 2002 cult classic Paid In Full.

But Cam barely got paid to do the film, and made nothing on the back end.

"To be totally honest with you, I believe I got $8500 to do that movie, and that was the end of it," Cam said on ThisIs50. "I don't know (how much the movie grossed) I was just more happy and excited just to do the movie. That movie came out like 2002, 2003 but it got filmed in 2000, it was delayed putting the movie out. I only had one album out, for me to even be invited to do the movie, I wasn't trying to complain, I really wasn't trying to learn the business, I was just wanting to be in the movie."
Cam also confirmed the old story that when he auditioned for the role he freaked everyone out by using his real gun.

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