Cam'Ron Speaks On Likelihood of 'Paid In Full II'


Not only is Paid In Full a hood classic, but Cam'ron's Rico character from the film has become intertwined with his own persona. 

According to Killer Cam, a sequel is in the works.

Miramax, which did Paid In Full, has become Dimension Films and the Weinstein brothers are no longer running the show, following Harvey's high-profile fall from grace.

Cam has been speaking to the new regime about Paid In Full 2 and the talks have been promising.



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Cam’ron confirms that there are talks about a “Paid in Full” sequel with the production studio. Are y’all here for this?

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"These are conversations that we talked about in the last few months," Cam'ron explained. "Actually, a couple of hours ago or something we talked about pertaining Paid In Full 2. I don't want to say a hundred percent 'yes' but we're definitely in the talks about doing something similar to Paid In Full 1. Definitely, conversation going on about that now, 100 percent."

Cam only got $8500 for Paid In Full, so we'd imagine he'll get a better payday 18 plus years later.

Another thing that's changed since then is that Alpo, who Cam's Rico character is based, is out of prison and back on the streets.

Maybe he'll get a camo.

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