Cam'ron Speaks On JAY-Z-Nas Beef


Cam’ron stopped by the ESPN show Highly Questionable to promote his new mixtape The Program and was asked about his favorite rap beef. It turned out to be the Nas, JAY-Z battle.

“JAY-Z and Nas is probably my favorite rap beef because Nas was kind of quiet for a while, and JAY-Z  was elevating that particular time and everybody thought Nas was out,” Cam explained. “JAY-Z had did a diss record towards Nas, I don't know why ... Then Nas came out the blue with a song called ‘Ether’ and it was like ‘Wow Nas is not gone.'"

Cam then said that both rappers won. Nas won the battle lyrically with “Ether,” but JAY won the overall war because of his many business accomplishments.

"People probably have different opinions on who won that battle, but that was probably the best battle I seen ‘cause it was really intense. It was all based out of New York,” Cam explained. “No disrespect to either one of these guys, ‘cause I have no problem with these guys now. Because I had past previous beef with these guys. I have no beef with them now but just giving my opinion.”

Do you agree with Cam about who won the battle and the war? You can see his interview below.

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