Cam'ron Speaks On How He Almost Beat Up 'Larry' Fishburne [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

It's well known that Laurence Fishburne hates being called Larry.

Before Cam'ron was famous, he was with Jim Jones and another buddy at JFK airport when they ran into Fishburne.

Because he's that dude, Cam told his friend -- whom he describes as being "100 times" more ignorant than him -- to call Fishburne Larry.

Fishburne immediately confronted him, and Jones and Cam tried to smooth things over by asking the Oscar nominee for career advice.

They all went back and forth for a while, and Cam eventually got sick of Fishburne and threatened to beat him up.

“I got mad. I’m like you know what, fuck you nigga. Get the fuck outta here. You're a fake ass bitch ass movie. This ain’t no movie. I’ll fuck you up right now. So I got up. [I said] you a bitch ass nigga. Get the fuck from over here. So he left.”
Years later Cam and Fishburne would run into each other again.  But Fishburne didn't make the connection that a pre-fame Cam had once threatened him in an airport.

Listen to a pretty funny story below.

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