Cam'ron Responds To Jim Jones's Tearful Interview

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Earlier this week, Jim Jones got emotional and tearful when he spoke about his estranged Dipset bro Cam'ron and the origins of the group.

In the interview with Funk Flex, Capo spoke on the sacrifices he and his family made on Cam's behalf

Cam'ron has responded in an almost two hour long Instagram Live session.

Among the highlights:

Cam says he always had Jones's back, despite Jones's doubts:

“How the hell was I hating, when I was advocating for this dude to become a rapper?,” Cam wondered. “That shit is lies, bro. Word to my mama.”
Cam denies Jones's claims that Jones acted as his enforcer.

“He was not my muscle,” Cam said. “He was my man. He was my hypeman ... We didn’t grow up together. We got cool at 20 years old. Jim never had the guns ... I had the guns. Google it.”
He also denies he made Jones sign a shady deal.

“Me and Juelz had paper work. [Juelz] was signed to me,” Cam’ron said. “Me and Jim never did a deal. Ever. Tell him to pull the paperwork wherever. I never made him sign papers cause he’s my man. “I’m like ‘let me eat with you off the first album. After that, do your motherfucking thing.’ That’s what we did. We never had no paperwork with Jim Jones. So when he says Cam robbed us out of millions and I wasn’t really the President and CEO, that shit is lies bruh. We had the same account and everything. Sharon Benjamin. She’ll tell you I never had any paperwork with the dude.”
Cam does, however, admit to trademarking the name of Jones's crew, ByrdGang.

“He said he ‘nah’ we Dipset, ByrdGang, that’s just our nickname. So what I did was, and I’m just being totally honest, I copywrote the name ByrdGang. Because I’m like if you not trying to do nothing shiesty or try to separate yourself, it shouldn’t matter if I got it…if you want to branch off and do your own thing, that’s not a problem, but you told me you wasn’t. So I was like ‘I’ll put it to the side.’”
Check the interview below and don't expect a Dipset reunion any time soon.

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