Cam'ron Paid Crackhead Comedian $40 To Dance In Traffic [VIDEO]

By HHL Editors

Cam'ron is known for laying out some tough love to his fellow Harlemites.

In his latest edition of Giles Investigation, Killa Cam shares a clip from nine years ago of him offering crackhead comedian Faceman -- whom he used to sell drugs to -- 40 bucks to dance in traffic in the snow.

Being a crackhead, Faceman eventually agreed.

As you can see, Faceman danced. But the cops broke it up before things got too out of hand.

After a bit of teasing, Cam still gave Faceman the 40 bucks. And Faceman ran right to his corner dealer.

Despite his drug habit, Faceman has been a fairly successful comedian, performing on Def Comedy Jam and and in comedy clubs around New York.

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