Cam'ron Comes For Actor Michael Rapaport In Freestyle About Ownership [WATCH]

By Daryl Nelson

According to Cam'ron, someone wanted to do a documentary on his group Dipset, but he felt the person was trying to pull a fast one by wanting to own the project outright, so he spit a freestyle about it.

"I got a bone to pick / Want to talk to ya'll about something called ownership / See this lady calls me up and said 'let's do a Dipset documentary' / Now I usually move independently, but this could be the move of the century ... No disrespect, much respect, the offer, I'm declining it / You know why? That means she would've owned the movie, a movie called Dipset," he rhymed.
Cam went on to rap about the documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of A Tribe Called Quest, created by actor Michael Rapaport, and he said that he didn't want someone else to control the Dipset movie in the same way.

In doing so, Harlem rapper sort of dissed Rapaport and questioned some of the movie roles he's taken in the past.

"A Tribe Called Quest did a documentary," said Cam. "Michael Rapaport owns the shit. That shit don't even make sense to me. You know Michael Rapaport? The New Edition movie. The white boy with the bare face. The manager. The one who had mothers sign the contracts in the staircase? He [also] played in Copland ... The cop they tried to hide for killing an unarmed black? Nah, that's just movies. Michael cool. I ain't gonna start no racial war. The roles he pick is tasteless poor."
What do you think about what Cam said about ownership and Rapaport? You can hear his entire freestyle below.

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