Burger King Sued For Exaggerating The Size Of Its Whopper


A new federal lawsuit alleges Burger King is telling whoppers about its Whopper.

Florida Man Anthony Russo is seeking a class-action suit against the fast-food giant for inflating the size of their food in their advertisements. 

Russo, who is an attorney, says Burger King started doing this in September 0f 2017 and calculated that their Whooper is 35 percent smaller than it was represented in BK's advertising material and has only half as much meat.

In fact, Russo's suit says Burger King represents almost all their food as bigger than it really is.

The suit cites as witnesses YouTube users who specialize in food reviews and Twitter users who complained about their orders.

Russo is seeking monetary damages and a court order for BK to stop lying about its size.

Burger King has not commented on the suit.

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