Brandon Marshall Offered Twitter Follower Who Insulted His Mom 25K To Fight

By HHL Editors

Last year, Chicago receiver Brandon Marshall called the Detroit Lions the Bears "little brother."

This year it's the Lions who are on top of the struggling Bears, and one of Marshall's Detroit-supporting Twitter followers reminded number 15 of his disparaging comments, and then got personal.

Brandon Marshall

Surprisingly, Kalla engaged Marshall further, and got Marshall to increase his offer to $25,000 if Kalla would fight him.

Kalla told Marshall he would accept the 25 grand to fight with one condition: the Bears would have to win three more games this season

Kalla tweet

Do you think this will be enough motivation for Marshall to will the hapless Bears to three more victories? Even if he does, we're thinking he doesn't get a shot at Kalla, who has since made his Twitter account private.

At least Marshall's mom appreciated her son standing up for her like he did, saying "I am honored that my son wanted to have a duel on his mother’s behalf."

Would you fight Marshall for 25K?

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