Bow Wow Isn't Voting Because He's 'Mixed'

By HHL Editors

Whether you vote and who you vote for is a personal decision.

However, in a recent Twitter discussion Bow Wow made public his reasons for why he's sitting out the 2016 election and one of them is a little odd.

The 29 year old won't pull the lever in November in part because he's mixed race.

#ShadMoss revealing some things.

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He then expanded upon the theme by sharing a photo of his light skinned dad.

Fly boy right here though dawg! #onlymugshotpics #homieswasaladykiller #illneverbelikehimthoughnoway #seeidontsaypopsordadjusthomie #forgaveyoubrojustcantrockwyoutho A photo posted by Bow wow (@shadmoss) on

He also spent the evening on Twitter defending his decision not to vote.

bow wow tweet

He did make one exception.

Are you following Bow Wow's logic on not voting?

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