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Bow Wow Gets Exposed After Claiming He Has A Club In His Home


It looks like Bow Wow began the New Year with the kind of fake flex he's famous for.

He posted a video of a large NYE party he said was going on in his home.

"I don't gotta go out, I got a club in the crib. I got a club in the crib, you gotta pay me to go out  ... I've been doing this shit for too long," Bow says, and lets the camera scan all the revelers he claimed were getting down in his home.

Wouldn't you know, but it wasn't really his home.

This latest potential Bow Wow "challenge" wasn't too challenging for Internet detectives to sniff out. Folks who were at the party Bow was displaying were tagging their IG photos from So So Def’s studio, not Bow's pad.

Bow Wow can even be seen in some of the photos from So So Def, proving he wasn't hosting an NYE event from a club in his crib.

At this point, Bow's gotta be trying to get caught for the attention. 


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