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Bow Wow Gets Dragged On Twitter For Melania Trump Threat

By Daryl Nelson

Bow Wow probably thought he'd get tons of support after he threatened to pimp Melania Trump.


He made that statement after Donald Trump dissed Snoop Dogg's "Lavender" video.

Instead, Twitter blasted the former 106 & Park host with all kinds of comments and memes.

The general consensus seemed to be that people are willing to have Snoop's back but not Bow Wow's. One popular opinion was that the actor has no business sticking up for the black community, because in the past he said that he wasn't even black.

Bow has since deleted the Melania tweet, which is probably in his best interest. Not only could he be sued by the Trumps, the tweet could hurt his future business opportunities.

Check Bow getting blasted.

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