Bow Wow Explains Private Plane Fake Flex That Became #BowWowChallenge


Bow Wow, fake flexing extraordinaire, started the new year by pretending he had a private club in his home.

The Internet laughed, but it didn't catch on like his most notorious fake flex did.

Bow was on Steve Harvey's show earlier this week and he explained what happened back in May when he posted a photo of a private jet he wasn't flying on, and that became the notorious Bow Wow challenge.  

"Basically I was traveling to New York, and I was on a commercial flight. So I saw a picture that I liked, it was my 'mood' picture, so I posted it and I put 'travel day.' So someone's on the plane, and says 'well, that's kind of odd, how's he flying private when he's right here in front of me.' So he sent the picture and then once he sent the picture of me on the plane, all hell broke loose."

Now Harvey isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer, and he wondered why this was a problem.

"It looked as if I was on the big boy jet flying to New York when really I was on Delta, first class," Bow explained.

We're pretty sure he wasn't flying first class, but anyway ...

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