Bow Wow Talks Groupies & Suicide

By HHL Editors

Bow Wow has had some good times in his 29 years.

In an interview with Vlad TV, he explained that he has had so many groupies come to his house that he has developed a protocol for dealing with them.

We take phones automatically," Shad explained. "The phone goes in the bin. And we got forms. Sign a waiver. A nondisclosure."
But being so oversexed is not all fun and games. In fact, Bow Wow believes all of the booty he has collected contributed to suicidal thoughts earlier in his career.

"I was in a dark space," he said of when he contemplated killing himself. "Right around the third album, that's when I was just done. My boys get on me, because I like to sit in the house; and my answer and my response to that is because I've done everything. I've been everywhere, three and four times again. There's not a girl I ain't smash, there ain't a place I ain't been, there ain't a hotel room I ain't stayed in, a car I ain't drove.”
Listen to Bow Wow's tale below.
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