Bow Wow Talks About What Really Happened When Cheeks Bossman Punched Him

By Daryl Nelson

A few days ago, Bow Wow went on IG Live to talk about the footage of himself getting punched to the ground by the rapper and Future affiliate Cheeks Bossman. 

At the time, he said there was more to the video than people saw. But that didn't stop him from getting clowned by the Internet.

Now, Bow has opened up about the incident. He said Bossman barely touched him and then caught a real whooping after the camera shut off.

"This the real story," he began. "So we at the JAY-Z concert, right?  So we going back stage. We about to go to the D'usse Lounge. Now I don't like to put no names in it, but Timbaland was there, he can vouch for this. Tank was there, he can vouch for this and I believe Jimmy (Jim Jones) was at the show. So we coming back. The whole time we see buddy ... He come in, he don't even punch. If you come in with that much force from way over here, I'm supposed to be laid the fuck out."

Bow added that Bossman caught him with a shoulder instead of a fist.  Then someone grabbed Bossman and that's when Bow's entourage stated beating him.  Bow also said the footage is five months old, and Bossman is just releasing it now because he has a mixtape coming out.

Do you think Bow's telling the truth, or is the notorious liar straight up lying about what happened? You can listen to the full interview below.

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