Boosie Badazz's Brother Stole A Lot Of Money From His Bank Account

By HHL Editors

Boosie Badazz's brother is in big trouble after scamming the rapper out of $361,000.

Taquari Hatch made more than a dozen wire transfers from Boosie's Capital One bank account to other people. Those people would then give him the cash. To pull the scam, Hatch would pretend he was Boosie on the phone.

However, he slipped up when he mentioned that he had a wife during a discussion with customer service. Boosie isn't married, and once that happened the bank's fraud department got involved and uncovered the scam.

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Hatch was arrested last week on identity theft and fraud charges.

We guess the moral of the story is that you should at least know your brother's marital status if you want to rip him off.

Here's Boozie explaining why he isn't getting married:

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