Boosie Badazz Goes Off On Terry Boyd, The Guy He Was Acquitted Of Murdering


In 2010, Boosie Badazz was charged with the first-degree murder of Terry Boyd, which prosecutors say resulted from a turf dispute.

Boosie would have faced the death penalty if convicted, but it took the jury only to ten minutes to find him not guilty.

That doesn't mean he didn't kill Boyd.  And even if he did, Boosie believes he would have been doing the world a favor.

Here's Boosie explaining what a terrible person Boyd was.

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"When he got shot the last time, that was his sixth time getting shot.  So don't act like I was on trial for a good samaritan.  Let me run it again.  He was a convicted child rapist.  Convicted.  He beat five murder charges.  He was a known robber in the city.  He beat his moma with a 2x4.   He been shot 29 times on six different occasions.  If anybody came to my trial you would have saw his body up their with 29 marks on it ... he beat five bodies.  He's a convicted child rapist who was f*cking my sister Dreka.  I ain't snitching on nobody he dead," Boosie said, then laughed and laughed.

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