Bobby V. Accused Of Rape (Of A Woman)


Bobby V. is back in the news for the wrong reasons. 

The R&B singer has been accused of a rape that allegedly happened last Sunday.

According to police sources who spoke to TMZ, a woman filed a police report in Cobb County, GA, where Bobby lives, early Monday morning naming Bobby as her rapist.

Bobby's camp has denied the charge and has said they are pursuing legal action "against what appears to be a weak yet calculated attempt to obtain financial gain through ulterior motives in the matter."

"Bobby takes any allegation against women very seriously. However, false allegations damage true victims of sexual abuse," the rep continued.

Last year, V. was caught on tape half dressed and fleeing the room of a transgender escort. The prostitute posted the video because she says Bobby didn't pay her for her services.

At the time, Bobby said he didn't know the person he was with was either transgendered or a hooker and claimed she began extorting him when she realized who he was.

Updated to reflect the alleged rapist in question is Bobby V., the 38-year old R&B singer who also goes by Bobby Valentino, and not Bobby Valentino, the 63-year old British violinist. 

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