Bobby Shmurda Is Trying To Get 50 Cent To Manage Him

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The last time Bobby Shmurda tried to call into Ebro In The Morning from jail his line got cut.

While it was assumed the prison authorities had stopped the call, that wasn't the case. Shmurda was on Hot 97 again today, and Ebro sheepishly admitted that it was them who had mistakenly dropped the call.

Then he got onto the interview, which also featured Bobby's GS9 buddy Rowdy Rebel. We had learned in Shmurda's truncated call --which happened about a week ago -- that Rowdy had been thrown in the hole for fighting.  But he's out now, and he told the Hot 97 crew that he blames not Epic, but the label's parent company Sony for the lack of bail money coming their way.

"No doubt, they ready to make $20 million, $40 million off of us," Rowdy explained. "Epic has been supporting us. It's really Sony ... They're lying and saying they really can't do nothing. It's really Sony."
Shmurda was then asked about his mysterious uncle, the one who has been telling people he was trying to post bail for Bobby.

"That's a lying ass nigga," Shmurda said. "That's not my real uncle."

He added that the man did used to be his manager, and had ripped him off 100 grand. Now Shmurda says he's looking for new management from prison, and was hoping somebody would reach out to 50 Cent for him because he thinks Fif has what it takes to steer his career.

Later in the interview, the 20-year old insisted he had done nothing wrong, and was the victim of racism.

"They don't like the fact that I made it out the neighborhood," Shmurda explained. "They don't like the fact that I'm a young black kid. It's crazy it's bias and racism right now. If you go to that court room and sit in that court room and see what's going on, it's racism and bias going on now man."
Shmurda added that when the cops arrested him they told him that they were tired of their kids listening to his music.

The entire video is below.

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