Is Bobby Shmurda Still In Rikers Because of Family Dispute?

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The fact that Bobby Shmurda remains in jail remains a mystery. Yes, his $2 million bail seems intimidating. But if somebody got a bail bondsman involved and put up some collateral, Shmurda could be sprung from Rikers Island for a small fraction of that in cash.

In fact, AllHipHop is reporting that Epic Records did offer to put up Shmurda's bail. However, the 20-year old turned them down because he didn't want to owe his label the premium they would need to facilitate the process.

Bossip reports another twist: Apparently Shmurda's two "record executive" uncles, Debo and Calvin Wilson, have also been trying to post Bobby's bail. The same uncles who (the uncles say) helped negotiate Shmurda's deal with Epic, and who (Shmurda says) ripped him off 20 grand somewhere in that process.

According to Bossip, Shmurda is still bitter about the alleged theft and that's why he also turned down the Wilsons' attempts to get him out, and won't even let his uncles visit him in jail.

We're not sure how much of this is true  and how much is self-serving leaks from the Wilsons.

Shmurda's laywer Howard Greenberg told Bossip he wasn't aware of any efforts on the Wilsons' part to spring their nephew, adding that Shmurda's mom is working on getting bail money together.

Shmurda received some good news earlier this week when Greenberg revealed that the Brooklyn DA is expected to drop their gun charges against him.  The 'Hot Nigga' star still faces multiple charges in Manhattan, including conspiracy to commit second degree murder.

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