Bobby Shmurda Still Hasn't Made Bail; Spent Christmas In Rikers

By HHL Editors

So far Epic Records hasn't put up the $2 million bail required to get their artist Bobby Shmurda out of jail.

Shmurda was arrested along with 14 other members of his GS9 crew on December 17. He faces five charges on eight counts, including conspiracy to commit second-degree murder, and could get up to 25 years in jail if convicted. Right after Shmurda was arrested, his lawyer Howard Greenberg predicted Epic would quickly put up the bail.  But Shmurda just spent Christmas in prison.

Greenberg talked to Fader magazine yesterday, and confirmed his client was still locked up. He also reiterated that he thinks the government is going after Shmurda because it is anti-rap.

The government hates rap and the government hates rappers. They construct a narrative and add rationalizations to make it seem true. They recruit guiltless and loveless people to whom truth is meaningless and convince them to say what they want to say. These people are jealous of a brother on the way up.
Greenberg added that he wouldn't be surprised if the government uses Shmurda's lyrics -- such as "I've been selling crack since the fifth grade" -- against him in a trial. Other legal experts have said that would be highly unlikely.

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