Bobby Shmurda Says He's The Victim Of Injustice

By HHL Editors

Bobby Shmurda won't go on trial until at least May 11. That's about a year and a half after he was arrested on drugs and guns charges. Since his bail has been set at $2 million, Shmurda has had to spend all of that time locked up.

In a new interview with Revolt TV, Bobby claims he's been targeted by the police and singled out by the legal system.

"Really, I’m allowed to say everything. Right now I want everybody to know that I’m being targeted by police, the prosecutor, I’m being targeted by Manhattan judges, everything," Shmurda told Revolt. "It's a bunch of injustice going on with my case. Like right now, we’re putting in motions I got several laws pertaining to my case, during my whole incarceration. I’ve been locked up for 14-15 months now [and] been in the law library, so I looked up several laws pertaining to my case saying that my bail isn’t supposed to be high and their violating the eighth amendment with that. They violating my constitutional rights, my civil rights. I’m not even supposed to be in Manhattan right now, I want everybody to know that. All of this is claims. I got a narcotics D.A. and there's no drugs caught in this case. There's no drugs, no kingpin charges, there's nothing."
According to Shmurda, he is ready to go to trial but it's the government that keeps pushing back the date. He worries now the court will move it to August or September. He also says he's being forced to post the whole $2 million of his bail, while typically only a percentage of the total is required.

"I'm being targeted because of my rap music," he told Revolt.

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