Bobby Shmurda Just Copped A Plea In Murder Conspiracy Case

By HHL Editors

Bobby Shmurda will eventually be a free man.

But it won't be for some time.

The 'Hot Nigga' rapper just plead guilty to conspiracy to possess weapons and possession of a weapon in a NYC courtroom. He will serve seven years in prison and then five years probation.

All other charges against him in his murder conspiracy case have been dropped.

TMZ was in the courtroom, and they say they "heard Shmurda's lawyer speak with his client and other defendants, imploring them to take the deal because they'd never get a sympathetic jury and they were facing life in prison."

Do you think Shmurda will be able to continue his career when he's sprung sometime in the 2020s?

Update: Rowdy Rebel and a third defendant Nicholas McCoy also took the deal. Under its terms, the trio cannot appeal.

However they will be credited with time served, meaning it's more like a five year sentence.

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