Bobby Shmurda Denies Piping Down Stripper


This morning the Internet was full of photos of Lilly, a stripper and TikToker whose social media activity suggested she was the Mrs. Bobby Shmurda of the moment.

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Bobby jumped on social this afternoon and denied his with Lilly, who's his friend's girl.

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"On gang, bro. I did not f*ck her, bro. That is not me, bro. That is the homeboy's joint, bro," Shmurda claims. "But that sh*t y'all saying tho, yall gotta chill with that sh*t, that social media bashing sh*t."

After saying he feels bad because she's getting bashed because people think he's her girl, Bobby took a turn.

"I'm trying to be nice, and I'm tryna stay as a nice guy. I'm on parole, but y'all want me to wild the f*ck out." Bobby continued. "But I ain't gonna wild the f*ck out yo. Y'all gotta be careful about what y'all say on this 'gram."

It's not the first time Bobby had to deny he had a girlfriend.

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