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Blueface's Sister Curved TF Out of Meek Mill's Artist Yung Ro


Blueface left a bad taste in Meek Mill's Artist Yung Ro's mouth when he explained that if Ro wasn't able to buy a chain and a house on his Dreamchaser's deal he had signed a bad deal.

Yung Ro tried to get revenge for Blue's economic shade by getting in Blueface's sister's Kali's DMs.

It was a logical gambit. Kali and Blue had a very public falling out this summer when Blue violently kicked her out of his house and she responded with a diss track.

But it was also a failed gambit, as Kali stayed true to her bro by shotting Ro down hard and posting the receipts.



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#blueface sister goes off on #meekmill artist #yungro after he dms her saying he won’t kick her out like BlueFACE

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"You got a lot of heart, lil n*gga, but I'm good boo," she typed in response to Ro's inquiry. "My family's business is in your mouth but we straight. I understand buying a house before a chain but now you and your mom is roommates.  How you spend money on a crib before gettin your granny of dialysis? Hurry & get some furniture for the house, you can't have mama getting splinters for sleeping on the hardwood."

Do you think this is why Meek doesn't want his name associated with the beef between Blue and Ro?