'Black Madam' Accused Of Butt Implant Murder Pumped Up Amber Rose

By HHL Editors

Padge-Victoria Windslowe, a transgender hip hop artist who's on trial for killing a dancer with an illegal buttocks injection has said some interesting things during the proceedings.

On Friday, Windslowe, who goes by Black Madam, claimed one of her best customers was Amber Rose.

The Philadelphia-based Windslowe called Philly-native Rose a "walking billboard" for her booty injection services. "She brought a lot of girls from VH1," Windslowe added.

Speaking under oath, the 45-year old explained that Kanye West once dropped his then-girlfriend Rose off for one of her enhancement sessions, and claimed that Nicki Minaj had been scheduled for a "correction" but never showed.

Neither Rose nor Minaj have responded to Windslowe's testimony.

When asked why somebody would choose her illegal service over a licensed surgeon, Windslowe -- who says she's done "thousands" of butt implants over the past 20 years -- told the court "I was the best, and I don't mean that to be cocky."

Although she wasn't the best in 2011 when London break dancer Claudia Aderotimi came to Philly for a "touch up" on her enhancement. According to the prosecution's medical expert, Windslowe's injections hit one of the 20-year old's veins, sending silicone to her lung and killing her days later.

Windslowe now faces third degree murder charges, and it seems Rose and Minaj are both lucky that they didn't visit the Black Madam on the wrong day.

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