Blac Youngsta's Account Of Bank Profiling Case In Serious Dispute

By HHL Editors

There is no doubt that last week cops threw Yo Gotti affiliate Blac Youngsta on the ground in a case of mistaken identity.

We know this because there is a photo of it happening. Later, another man roughly matching his description (a black male) was arrested for writing bad checks.

But everything else Youngsta has said about the situation is now in dispute. The rapper had claimed that the police tackled him right after he withdraw 200K from a Wells Fargo bank. He also claimed that the cops briefly took 100K of the cash from him, and returned it when they realized he wasn't their guy.

Atlanta Police spokesman Sgt. Warren Pickard is now saying that the cops never handled any of Youngsta's cash.

And -- here's the kicker -- the Wells Fargo bank Youngsta claims he withdraw the funds from says Blac doesn't have an account with them, and never entered their premises.

Given that Youngsta could easily prove where he has a bank account, we're going to take Wells Fargo's word here.

So why would Youngsta lie? It's possible a friend or associate withdraw money and gave it to him.

It's also possible that Youngsta just siezed the oppurtunity to stunt like he had 200K when reporters stuck a mic in his face.

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