Blac Chyna Going Back To Her Stripper Roots After Rob Kardashian Cuts Her Off

By Daryl Nelson

When your primary source of income changes, sometimes you have to take it back to where it all started to make some money.

That seems to be what Blac Chyna is thinking.

TMZ reports that she'll be appearing at the Ace of Diamonds strip club in Hollywood, where she'll be raking in a whopping $10,000 before tips. The mother-of-two pitched the idea to the owners of Ace of herself, and they jumped all over it.

Chyna has been making her rounds in the media after her ex Rob Kardashian exposed some graphic photos of her. In addition, he threatened to cut her off financially, which is probably the reason for the Ace of Diamonds gig.

Blac has gotten a restraining order against the Kardashian brother and also threatened to sue the rapper Ferrari, another man she was involved with and has explicit photos of her.

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Would you pay money to see Blac Chyna strip?

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