Blac Chyna Caught On Tape Smacking Dude's Phone

By HHL Editors

Earlier this week, IG personality MaddyMorebucks called out Blac Chyna's drug use.

"Blac Chyna needs to chill the fuck out with them drugs. Ima going to let that shit slide tonight," she wrote on SnapChat.
Chyna does have a history of erratic behavior that could well be caused by illicit substances.

She added to that history early Thursday morning in Hollywood.  It was there she was caught on video smacking a phone from a guy's hand. The device hit the concrete hard.

Apparently, the guy had been filming Chyna as she left the club and she didn't much care for that. She also threatened to have "real niggas" kick the phonecameraman's ass and continued to rant angrily after her assault on technology.

Because of Chyna's aggressive hands, she is now being investigated by the LAPD for misdemeanor vandalism.

You can view the video of her latest crack up here.

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