Blac Chyna Calls Tyga 'Cheap' For What Her Paid Her For 'Rack City' Video

By HHL Editors

Knowing what we now know about Tyga, Blac Chyna was lucky she was paid anything to play Bonnie to T-Raww's Clyde in his 2012 'Rack City' video.

But apparently being the rare person whom Tyga actually gave money to wasn't enough for Chyna. She explains in an interview with Elle magazine

The [Rack City] gig paid her just $2,500—"I should've gotten more. He's kinda cheap," she says, only half-jokingly—but soon she and Tyga were dating in real life.
Earlier in the article Chyna had bragged about making up to $15,000 a night as a stripper.

Should Chyna have received more than $2,500 for Rack City?

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