Birdman Lost Even More Than We Thought In Super Bowl Bet With AR-Ab


Before the Super Bowl, we learned from Instagram comments that Birdman and AR-Ab made a 100K bet on the game, with AR-Ab taking his hometown team and Baby frontrunning with Brady and the Patriots.

The wager didn't make a lot of sense: AR-Ab doesn't seem to be a guy with 100 grand laying around and Birdman just lost his Miami mansion because he couldn't (or wouldn't) make the payments on it.

It turns out it was a 200K bet.

Actually it was $200,000... I️ ain’t gonna do nuffin but buy more houses and pay for my homies Lawyers and Appeal Lawyers

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Aye @birdman5star 😬 E A G L E S @philadelphiaeagles

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Birdman doesn't pay the folks he has proper contracts with, let alone a bet made over Instagram. So AR-Ab's homies shouldn't hold their breaths on that new representation.

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