Billboard Ranks The Top Ten Rappers Of All Time

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Billboard just released a feast of information for chart junkies.

The venerable music mag (and website) has dropped a large cache of all time charts, including some based on the data they've been collecting since 1958.

Perhaps the most prestigious is their list of Greatest All Time Billboard 200 Artists, which measures acts by how much time their albums have spent on Billboard's charts. It's no great surprise that the Beatles finished first, followed by the Rolling Stones. The highest charting Hip Hop act is Eminem, who finished 14th. Jay Z was next at 42nd.

Billboard also revealed their ranking of the ten best rappers of all time. This list wasn't exclusively based on chart data, but rather it also took into account the opinion of Billboard's staff. Here are the results.

10. Lil Wayne 9. Kendrick Lamar 8. Ghostface Killah 7. Lauryn Hill 6. Andre 3000 5. Nas 4. Rakim 3. Emimen 2. Jay Z 1. Notorious B.I.G.

Here is their list of the best selling artists of all-time: 1. Beatles 2. Rolling Stones 3. Barbara Streisand 4. Garth Brooks 5. Elton John 6. Mariah Carey 7. Herb Alpert 8. Taylor Swift 9. Chicago 10. Michael Jackson 11. Led Zeppelin 12. Bruce Springsteen 13. Rod Stewart 14. Eminem 15. Whitney Houston 16. Billy Joel 17. Madonna 18. Santana 19. Eagles 20. Fleetwood Mack 40. Usher 42. Jay Z 53. Alicia Keys 66. Kid Rock 77. Beyonce 97. R. Kelly

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