Bhad Bhabie Responds To Chanel West Coast Having Her Name In Her Mouth


Chanel West Coast threw an embarrassing fit earlier this week when the bouncer wouldn't let her and her entourage of Z-listers into a Hollywood night club.

Yesterday, she tried to explain that she went at club security with such reckless verbal abandon because she figured it would be a good way to get into the blogs.

"You know, we've got Cash Me Ousside girls and people like that who act like complete fools and they get fame for it," Chanel said. "I'll be honest, I put a little extra on it and just spiced it up a little just to hype it up and get some attention, because god forbid I get any attention for being the normal, hardworking, kind person I am."

Danielle "Cash Me Ousside Girl" Bregoli, who we are now calling Bhad Bhabie,  didn't much appreciate hearing her old moniker in Chanel's mouth.

"I did not know who that raggedy bitch was an hour ago," Bhabie told TMZ, who have been sponsoring this burgeoning beef . "I just found out who she was. I swear I did not who this girl was. Coming for me for what? If you're gonna come for me, at least make sure that I know who you are."

Is it wrong to want to see  a 14 year old fight a grown woman?

Here's Bhabie, who raps now's, latest track:


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