Bernie Sanders: Cardi B Is Right About Social Security


Cardi B is a history buff. 

Not the kind who can identify every American president by their image. But the kind who is pretty good at telling you what they did by name.

Here's what she said about World War 2 and Great Depression titan Franklin Delano Roosevelt in an interview with GQ.

"First of all,” she said, “he helped us get over the Depression, all while he was in a wheelchair. Like, this man was suffering from polio at the time of his presidency, and yet all he was worried about was trying to make America great—make America great again for real. He’s the real ‘Make America Great Again,’ because if it wasn’t for him, old people wouldn’t even get Social Security.”

Bernie Sanders -- who's going to need votes from the kiddos of all colors if he decides to run for President again in 2020 at age 79 -- praised Cardi's FDR co-sign on Twitter.

Is Senator Sanders trying too hard here, or does his cozying up to Cardi make you want to be a Bernie Bro (or Sis)?

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