Benzino Weighs In On Eminem As a Culture Vulture


Since Eminem and beef are back in the news, why don't we hear from Benzino? The rapper and businessman weighed in on Shady and Joe Budden in a new web video.

"What is a Culture Vulture?" Benzino wondered. "When I was bringing that stuff up 15, 20 years ago, about The Machine [Jimmy Iovine] and how white people was buying into black culture when it came to hip-hop. I went up against Eminem. Because at that time, I owned The Source, I felt like Interscope and the powers that be were trying to create this white rapper, so that people of America can have they own. Meaning they wouldn't have to deal with us anymore. It seems like that has held up.

"I wasn't trying to outrap Em," he continued "We did find out a few things about Eminem, how he represented the culture. It wasn't looking so good, and if social media was out back then it would be a whole other story." [The Source famously ran a story which accused Eminem of racism and using the n-word.]

He went on to say that he thinks many of Eminem fans are Trump supporters who just like Shady because he's white.

"Eminem's music is not our culture. That's a different culture's music. Nobody's running around the hood banging Eminem music," he proclaimed.

Benzino also had harsh words for Joe Budden, who was dissed on Eminem's Kamikaze album and responded by saying he's better than Eminem.

"Back then, he wasn't saying that when Eminem was going at me. But now all of the sudden he's going at you? You say you're better than him. But you ain't went at him. You ain't make no song to prove that. So therefore, that don't count, Joey ... You were hugging his nuts when you were on Slaughterhouse."

Check the whole video below.

And before anyone gets snarky, Ja Rule has expressed his opinion on this, too.

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