Beanie Sigel Says Today's Rappers Can't Cut It

By HHL Editors

Beanie Sigel is 42. And that's an old 42, if you consider all he's been through.

Try as he might, the Philly emcee just can't really get into the rappers of today.

"The music of today, There's no feeling in it," Beanie  said in an interview with HHIR. "I love it when I'm in the club and it come on. I wanna hear it. The bounce on it. The vibe on it. I like that. But when I'm in the wheel at night and I'm on my way home and I'm dolo by myself. I wanna hear 'What's Beef.' I wanna hear 'All Eyez On Me.' I wanna hear 'Smile' with Scarface, Pac on the joint. I wanna hear that. That's what I want hear. Right now, it's no feeling in it. Put it like this. Two of the best that ever done it, Tupac and Biggie Smalls. They both died in they early twenties. So, you look at the rappers that's out now. And the content of the music that they talking about. That's in they twenties...No disrespect to nobody...but if the shoe fit, wear it. Listen to the [today's young] rappers."
Are you feeling what Sigel's saying about young rappers today and their lack of feeling?

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