Beanie Sigel Lost A Lung In Shooting

By HHL Editors

Beanie Sigel is out of the hospital. But he's not quite home. The 40-year old emcee suffered some pretty serious injuries when he was shot a little over a month ago after taking his kids to school.

According to TMZ, Sigel lost one of his lungs after doctors weren't able to clear the organ of bullet fragments. After leaving the hospital earlier this week, Sigel was transferred to the Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation in Pomona, NJ, where he will spend the next 90 days learning how to function with only one lung.

There had been reports that Sigel was unable to speak during his hospitalization, and this appears to back them up. So keep Beans in your thoughts and prayers. It looks like he still has way to go before he's well.

Update: Sigel's spokesman has pushed back against the TMZ report. He says that while Sigel's lung did collapse, doctors were able to re-inflate it. He didn't dispute the part about Sigel being in a rehab facility.

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