Beanie Sigel Addresses Katt Williams Rumors

By Sermon

Katt Williams had a rough time in Philly on Sunday, getting jumped at a Beanie Sigel show. It happened after Williams threw punch at a man on stage. There were rumors that the dust up had to do with a dice game. Beanie has decided to address that.

His long Instagram post debunks the rumor that Williams lost 300k in the dice game and that he paid his debt by giving Beanie a Lambo. Sigel ended his post by stating he won't be performing in his hometown anymore, because the security is awful. Read the whole post below.

Fuck the speculation talk over stupid niggas dig this. @kattpackallday is far from any negative accolades you assholes want to attached to him. His turn up is just different. He don't need Molly cocaine or any other dumbass drug you stupid ass n***** think he on.. Katt got bread! So why would he have to settle a dice game debt with a car stupid. If he lost 300,000 to me it would have been in cash he got it. So no shit heads there was no dice game.. The man has a level of love and respect for me that he feels most who claim they do especially from my city don't show.. The car was a gift that was put in place days before him even coming to Philly for his show.. He drove tha car himself from Georgia to personally deliver it to me himself.. Now as for my show at the Troc who has the WORST! Security staff in the world.. I came there with my family only no goons or so called friends. " my wife my mother brother sisters and my 65 year old uncle who never saw me perform before. so for the level of disrespect that was shown to me my family and KATT I will never I mean NEVER do a show in Philadelphia again!!!!. A good friend of mine once told me "a wise man dont learn from his own mistakes he learns from the mistakes of others" ... SOMEBODY SHOULD'VE LEARNED YOU !

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