Battle Rapper Unleashes Vicious Stream Of Fat Shamming On Opponent

By HHL Editors

While it's not going to draw the same level of offense and scrutiny as racism or sexism, fat-ism, so to speak, is increasingly frowned upon in our society.

But rap battle tends to operate outside of societal norms, and in a recent competition spoken word wizard Rone hit his 350+ pound opponent Big T with a stupefying four and a half minute barrage of fat jokes and jabs. Check it out.

Rone starts with jokes, but by the end of the routine he is skillfully quoting statistics and questioning Big T's very existence.

What do you think? The routine had us cringing as we marveled at its effectiveness. In fact, we almost take Rone at his (spoken) word that he was trying to shame Big T into losing weight for his own good, rather than trying to win a competition.

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